Euro 2016 qualifying in the pursuit of Paris

Runme – An international break for Euro 2016 qualifying in the pursuit of Paris: Reviewing an interesting week for Italy and its coach. Is trouble brewing in the Netherlands? More football news on

EUROPE IN A NUTSHELL. Friday’s European Championship qualifier in Montenegro was abandoned, with Russian goalkeeper Igor Akenfeev carted off the field after being hit with a flare moments after the game started, and Russia’s players leaving the field in the second half amid more turmoil.

Russia is asking UEFA to award it the victory in a game that drew deservedly harsh words from an appropriate source, as the general secretary of Montenegro’s federation pulled no punches regarding the behavior of his countrymen.

“These fans sing ‘Montenegro we love you’ but throw flares, insult rivals and cause all sorts of incidents every time,” Momir Durdevac said. “We have left the impression of barbarians and this is a complete disaster. As far as I’m concerned the game should not have continued after the first-minute incident. We can only thank God that no one was seriously hurt.”

The hosts of France 2016 can take solace in knowing they won when it counted, after Thursday’s entertaining 3-1 loss to Brazil at the Stade de France, a rematch of the 1998 World Cup final on the same field, won by France.

Didier Deschamps, who started in the 1998 victory, was not pleased, and made eight changes to France’s lineup for its 2-0 home win over Denmark on Sunday, when 23-year-old Alexander Lacazette, Ligue 1’s leading scorer, scored his first goal for Les Bleus.

Brazil took its preparations for this summer’s Copa America to London on Sunday for a contentious contest with rival Chile, the game’s lone goal came in the 72nd minute, when Brazil’s Roberto Firmino looked right, and scored left, at the Emirates.

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Irish interest in MLS: Orlando City SC take on New York City FC

The football tourment between Orlando City SC and New York City FC have already finished, it’s no doubt that this is a really wonderful fight. And in UTfif15coins‘ view, Kaka and David Villa is the brightest in the football field.

Orlando City SC host New York City FC with the showdown pitting Brazilian playmaker Kaka against Spanish striker David Villa with the two household names making their debuts for their respective teams.

But there’s a healthy Irish interest in the fixture too.

Sean St. Ledger recently joined the Florida-based outfit but must wait for his first MLS start as Orlando coach Adrian Heath, the former Everton striker, named him on the bench.

The game will be refereed by Corkman Alan Kelly who moved to the US last January to take up a position with the country’s Professional Referees Organization (PRO) after a lengthy spell officiating in his native land.

After joining the League of Ireland referees panel in 1999, it wasn’t long before Kelly had made the Fifa list and began to take charge of Champions League and Europa League matches.

Last term , he was assigned 15 MLS games while he also has a training and development role with PRO.

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Which is the best league in Europe so far?

Many normal football fans thinks that Premier League is the most popular football league in the world, but is this the truth? A Statistical comparison from may change our views about best football tourment in the world.

Opta­powered fantasy football game broke five most popular European leagues down, piece by piece.

On a per game basis, the stats from this season show that the Bundesliga leads the way in terms of number of goals. On average, the fans have seen 2.84 goals per match which outranks the other four rival leagues. However, the scoring king comes from La Liga. Cristiano Ronaldo has found the net 30 times this season.

The number of shots often distinguishes between attacking or defensive football. Serie A holds the first place in this category ahead of the Bundesliga and the Premier League.

Using the most recent data, we also took a look at assists. It is the Bundesliga that leads the way with 1.9 assists per match. Two Chelsea players – one former and one current – Cesc Fabregas and Kevin de Bruyne both top the list with 15 assists.

Let’s check the passes. On average the team in the German Championship creates almost 450 passes per match, which is slightly more than in England.

The Bundesliga is apparently also the best place for players who like to dribble, although the No. 1 dribbler comes from the Premier League. Eden Hazard has successfully completed 121 attempts this season.

Tackles are an important tool of defensive play and here is where Ligue 1 finally comes on top with more than 42 tackles per game. Interceptions, on the other hand, have been most frequent in the Bundesliga.

The graph of fouls suggests that the dirtiest football is played in Serie A. According to our research, the Italian referees call an average of 9 fouls per game more than in the English top tier. However, the most strict referees come from the Spanish Championship. In fact, the top three players with the most yellow cards all play for La Liga clubs.

If you may wonder why Germany are FIFA World Cup Champions, these stats could be a part of the answer.

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Jonny Evans and Papiss Cisse, facing six-game bans in Premier League maybe

According to, Jonny Evans and Papiss Cisse are facing six-game bans if FA takes action over ‘spitting’. Because they spitting in football field during which the Senegal international took exception to the Northern Irishman’s challenge, it’s no doubt that they are in trouble now, big trouble!

Evans’ manager Louis van Gaal, who along with match referee Anthony Taylor did not see the incident, was quick to leap to the defence of his player, although the Football Association seems certain to intervene.

Van Gaal said: “I didn’t see that from the bench. It’s too far to see spitting, so I cannot judge that. But I cannot imagine that Jonny Evans, because he is a very modest person, that he could do that. I cannot imagine.”

And according to FIFA regulations, players found guilty of spitting at an opponent should face six-game bans.

Van Gaal left St James’ Park a happy man after seeing Ashley Young snatch victory at the death when Tim Krul could only hack Mehdi Abeid’s ill-judged back-pass into his path.

Krul, who was a key figure in Van Gaal’s Holland squad at the World Cup finals in Brazil, had turned in an excellent individual display to keep the visitors at bay, although opposite number David de Gea too had important saves to make.

Van Gaal said: “We have waited a long time for the winning goal, but it shows also again the fighting spirit of our team – that I have said already a lot of times – but for me, it was very important that we won today, and you see all the results of our competitors in our rat race together, so it shall continue.”

Defeat was hard to take for Newcastle head coach John Carver, who was convinced his side should have been awarded a 10th-minute penalty for Chris Smalling’s challenge on Emmanuel Riviere.

The Frenchman went on to squander two gilt-edged opportunities with Cisse wasting a third.

Carver said: “What I will say is I thought we had the best chances of the night – Riviere’s chance in the first half, his chance in the second half and Papiss’ chance, we had three good chances tonight, and you would put your mortgage on Papiss putting his away.

“But there are a lot of positives I can take from tonight. People say, ‘Are you going to allow your season to fizzle out?’ Well, I think tonight’s an example that the players aren’t going to do that and I’m certainly not going to do that, and it looks like the fans aren’t going to do that either.”

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Bridge its reputation abyss, a matter of first priority of new FIFA

“Bridge its reputation abyss” become a matter of first priority to all the Football Associations around the world, which is advised by new FIFA, according to We can know that FIFA is really want to be a good football association, which helps the development of international football career.

In a letter to all member associations of FIFA and the six Confederations, spokesman for the #NewFIFANow coalition, Damian Collins MP of England, said there is little-to-no trust or confidence that FIFA is capable of reform.

“Amongst other things, we believe that FIFA’s stakeholders should have greater representation in the management and governance of the sport,” he wrote.

Collins said a FIFA Reform Commission would have a mandate for a comprehensive review of the organisation, similar to the IOC Reform Commission more than 15 years ago.

“The IOC today is not a perfect organisation, but it’s better than it used to be at the time – and that came about because what was needed for reform was done at arm’s length from the organisation.”

The letter acknowledges that FIFA has made attempts at reform in the past four years.

“The reforms that have been introduced have not resulted in the necessary systemic and cultural change that is required to see FIFA transform into a contemporary 21st century organisation with the highest standards of democracy, transparency and accountability,” the letter states.

Aware that FIFA tends to cry ‘government intervention’ if it doesn’t like government-initiated action, Mr Collins said that governments around the world with an interest in social inclusion within their communities, and who often make a public financial contribution to the sport, have a right and responsibility to advocate for necessary change.

“This is about ensuring that the world’s most popular sport is managed in a way that is consistent with the highest levels of probity expected of our major institutions,” he said.

Collins and other members of the #NewFIFANow coalition are pursuing a number of strategies and working with different stakeholders with aim of establishing a FIFA Reform Commission regardless of who is elected President in May.

He told the football associations that they are not advocating a vote for a particular candidate.

“We are advocating a program of reform regardless of who is President – reform that can lead to a transformative vision of FIFA as a principled, trusted and credible organisation.

“The many millions of people who are involved in the game voluntarily or professionally deserve to be represented in a manner which gives them confidence that decisions are taken in the interests of the long term development and growth of the game.”

A full text of the letter in English, Arabic, French, German and Spanish can be found at

Collins said he encourages all fans and players to support #NewFIFANow by signing the petition for change.

As a service to our readers, World Football INSIDER provides verbatim texts of selected press releases issued by football-related organizations, businesses and sponsors.

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