Rio Ferdinand wades in on the debate during an in-car game of FIFA 15 with Bobby Zamora

Cristano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi, on the age-old debate of who is better. Following Sunday’s El Clasico spectacle that hugely intensified the run-in for the La Liga title between Barcelona and Real Madrid, Rio Ferdinand. More FIFA 15 News on

Choosing to stay somewhat impartial to the discussion the former England international says we should stand back and appreciate the sheer brilliance we are witnessing in the presence of two of the world’s greatest ever players.

‘It’s inevitable we do all this “who’s better? Blah, blah, blah” but we should just be enjoying being around these two players and seeing it,’ the QPR defender said.

‘When Ronaldo, the Brazilian one – who should have been the best if he weren’t injured – was scoring 30 goals a season [everybody said]: “Oh he’s a genius, he’s the best ever.”‘

Messi and Ronaldo are this season’s top scorers in La Liga, with 32 and 31 goals respectively with 10 games to go.

Speaking from his car, kitted out with an X-Box and television screen, the former Manchester United star posted an image on Instagram of himself and Hoops team-mate Bobby Zamora.

The two were taking each other on in an in-car game of FIFA whilst travelling to training at the Imperial College Sports Ground, London.
The 2008 Champions League winner wrote: ‘En route to training.. Winning at FIFA #shock’ after beating the former Fulham striker 2-1 with Paris Saint Germain.