EA Sports new strategy: differ Price Ranges by platform

The Price Ranges in FUT Transfer Market attracted controversy after it’s releasing, which has different effects on fifa 15 coins seller and gamers. EA Sports hasn’t stop finding the solutions al the time, and have now made the price ranges for certain players different per platform, they think this would be helpful.

Previously, the price bands were exactly the same on console and PC. As of today, players on PC will have different minimum and maximum prices in some circumstances. There’s a not especially handy (because it puts PC right at the end so you have to scroll across from the player names) spreadsheet on this page which details the differences.

The 87 rated version of Juventus’ Carlos Tevez, for example, goes for a maximum of 2.1 million on PS4, but ‘just’ 1.5 million on PC. If you can find a buyer, that is.

EA say that market and price adjustments “will continue to occur as the market changes and different items are introduced.”

IncGamers has been running a poll since last Friday about the recent changes to FIFA 15‘s Ultimate Team economy. As things stand, 75% of responding players feel the price caps have “basically ruined FUT’s transfer market.” 6% think they’re fine.

Some FIFA 15 gamers thinks that Ultimate Team will be ruined by Price Ranges, but others thinks that it’s helpful when buying a player in Transfer Market, what’s your opinion