EA and Microsoft: fix FUT issues on Xbox together

EA servers was down yesterday, according to UTfifa15coins, which happened the day before reported by it’s gamers. this would affect some of EA’s games, such as FIFA 15 and Madden 15. But it’s obvious that EA Sports will fix these issues as soon as possible, just be patient.

We have already seen several reports come in that gamers are unable to get online to play the two games above, but also other titles such as, Battlefield, NBA, NHL 2015 and also The Sims.

There have been reports here and there that say the servers are back up, although shortly after people tell us that they are in fact still down.

EA working with Microsoft to fix FUT issues on Xbox 360 – in the last couple of hours, EA Sports confirmed they are working with Microsoft to fix the current connection issues on Xbox 360. While there could be other problems, this at the very least has been officially confirmed.

What’s your feeling about this? Are the EA game servers down for you, and if so what game is it that you have been trying to play online?