The top 5 Premier League stars in latest FIFA 15 upgrade

A list of winter upgrades have been released by EA Sports, which in cludes total of 130 players. And we will discuss top 5 of this football players, who you would like to spend some FIFA 15 Coins on and consider them as one of your ultimate team members.

But today we look at just five, the Premier League’s most upgraded Ultimate Team players, showing you how much better they’ve become by comparing the new cards to originals.

The Premier League in particular has been host to some of the best new talents in football this season, most of which who have been recognised by EA Sports and given a massive boost in stats and rating on FIFA 15.


Original Stats / New Stats

Position: CB

71 / PAC / 76

50 / SHO / 51

65 / PAS / 70

61 / DRI / 64

77 / DEF / 82

66 / PHY / 76

Gabriel’s move from Villarreal to Arsenal in the January transfer window has warranted an upgrade on FIFA 15 in the eyes of EA Sports. An upgrade of five overall, moving from a Silver to a Gold card and a big increase in stats

The Brazilian’s main defensive stats have been heavily improved and much more suited to a top Premier League team in the Gunners, with a five increase in defending and a ten point improvement in his physical stats.

It’s hard to say that we’ve seen enough of Gabriel in the Premier League to properly judge the centre-back, but whether or not he deserves such an upgrade just for his transfer is debatable.

With not much time left to prove himself in the real world, especially with the partnership of Laurent Koscielny and Per Mertesacker at the Emirates, Gabriel’s new rating will be hard to justify come the end of the season.


Original Stats / New Stats

Position: ST

80 / PAC / 81

64 / SHO / 72

58 / PAS / 60

75 / DRI / 79

27 / DEF / 29

46 / PHY / 59

Due to coming into the Premier League relatively unknown, you can’t blame EA Sports for his relatively low rating when FIFA 15 released back in September, but Ayoze Perez’s surprise form for Newcastle has meant he’s been rewarded with an impressive six point upgrade in Ultimate Team.

The winter upgrades on FIFA 15 can be seen to some extent as a mid-season review for young and upcoming stars in the real world who haven’t broken into the limelight, and being given an upgrade can be seen as a positive reflection for these players. This is certainly the case with Perez.

Despite only scoring five Premier League goals, the Spaniard has brought more excitement to the Magpies’ play this season and considering how low he was rated on FIFA 15, Perez’s big upgrade can be justified.


Original Stats / New Stats

Position: ST

81 / PAC / 83

69 / SHO / 77

56 / PAS / 58

70 / DRI / 74

29 / DEF / 30

55 / PHY / 61

With an identical upgrade to Ayoze Perez, West Brom’s Saido Berahino has also been given a six point upgrade in Ultimate Team.

Although in contrast to the Newcastle striker, you could argue that Berahino was firstly underrated at the start of the season, being quite well known last season for his performances for the Albion, and also that maybe his form this year could have warranted an even higher upgrade due to his superior goal scoring stats compared to Perez.

The England U21 striker has scored double the goals of Perez, with ten in the Premier League so far.

Perhaps this should mean that Berahino deserved a higher upgrade, but nevertheless he’s really stepped up his game with West Brom and being upgraded full stop was well deserved.


Original Stats / New Stats

Position: LM

84 / PAC / 86

55 / SHO / 61

56 / PAS / 64

70 / DRI / 76

30 / DEF / 31

43 / PHY / 46

Newcastle’s Rolando Aarons was the third-lowest rated player to be upgraded in the Premier League, behind Hector Bellerin (61 > 64) and Tyler Blackett (60 > 65), two players who have played more games than the English winger, but they’re still lower rated according to EA Sports.

With just three substitute league appearances for the Magpies, Aarons’ overall has increased by a massive seven ratings and when comparing him to both Bellerin and Blackett, each with nine BPL starts for Arsenal and Man United respectively, this upgrade is a strange one from EA Sports’ perspective.

There’s not much else to say about Rolando Aarons’ card, other than that it has some impressive pace and dribbling stats for his rating, although ultimately an upgrade of this size probably wasn’t the best decision by the developers.


Original Stats / New Stats

Position: ST

71 / PAC / 76

69 / SHO / 80

60 / PAS / 70

69 / DRI / 76

28 / DEF / 37

64 / PHY / 76

The Premier League’s biggest upgrade on FIFA 15 was Harry Kane this year by a total of nine ratings being added to his heavily underrated 68 overall in Ultimate Team.

Kane would surely be the first name on most people’s lips when talking about the winter upgrades and above any player he has certainly deserved his.

With 23 goals for Tottenham so far this season, the England hopeful has been their star player and one of the most promising young strikers in the Premier League.

The 21-year-old’s card has seen some incredible improvements, with an 11 increased shooting and a massive twelve ratings in physical stats!

Once again, you can understand why EA Sports gave him such a low rating when the game was released, as ‘The Hurricane’ hit top gear quite recently, but you can also pose the question to whether even his new rating is too low still.

Maybe EA Sports didn’t want to go too crazy with his upgrade, although you could argue that Harry Kane’s performances may have earned him a rating of at least 80 on FIFA 15.