Euro 2016 qualifying in the pursuit of Paris

Runme – An international break for Euro 2016 qualifying in the pursuit of Paris: Reviewing an interesting week for Italy and its coach. Is trouble brewing in the Netherlands? More football news on

EUROPE IN A NUTSHELL. Friday’s European Championship qualifier in Montenegro was abandoned, with Russian goalkeeper Igor Akenfeev carted off the field after being hit with a flare moments after the game started, and Russia’s players leaving the field in the second half amid more turmoil.

Russia is asking UEFA to award it the victory in a game that drew deservedly harsh words from an appropriate source, as the general secretary of Montenegro’s federation pulled no punches regarding the behavior of his countrymen.

“These fans sing ‘Montenegro we love you’ but throw flares, insult rivals and cause all sorts of incidents every time,” Momir Durdevac said. “We have left the impression of barbarians and this is a complete disaster. As far as I’m concerned the game should not have continued after the first-minute incident. We can only thank God that no one was seriously hurt.”

The hosts of France 2016 can take solace in knowing they won when it counted, after Thursday’s entertaining 3-1 loss to Brazil at the Stade de France, a rematch of the 1998 World Cup final on the same field, won by France.

Didier Deschamps, who started in the 1998 victory, was not pleased, and made eight changes to France’s lineup for its 2-0 home win over Denmark on Sunday, when 23-year-old Alexander Lacazette, Ligue 1’s leading scorer, scored his first goal for Les Bleus.

Brazil took its preparations for this summer’s Copa America to London on Sunday for a contentious contest with rival Chile, the game’s lone goal came in the 72nd minute, when Brazil’s Roberto Firmino looked right, and scored left, at the Emirates.

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How will the Elder Scrolls be at last

According to Esozone‘s new survey, MMORPG seems to be an endangered species, like Black Rhinos or innocent 1970s BBC presenters. Where before we had announcements every few weeks of another multi-million dollar Western MMORPG experiment, more ESO Guides and News on

The focus of the announcements has changed as well. Before they were subscription-based MMOGs, with a substantial pay-up-front element, like World of Warcraft and EverQuest. These days the games are almost always free-to-play, or pay once and play forever, with no brand, whereas the few that stick to the old model come unstuck within a year. Almost every subscription MMO has gone that way: LOTRO, D&D Online, Rift, Defiance, with the relatively new Elder Scrolls Online turning down that same path in recent weeks.

Of course, the indie revolution and the improved access to free or cheap development tools has meant that many new MMORPGs launch unfinished on Steam Early Access. They’ll never be as big as Eve or EverQuest were – but their smaller dev teams, the insatiable love of the PC audience for MMOs, and the lower expectations of the indie audience, means that games like Oort Online, The Repopulation and Xyson: Prelude will occasionally succeed, and will continue to be released.

As for the new breed of MMOGs, the DayZ-alikes, such as Rust or H1Z1, the formula should be less restrictive, but they often stick even more slavishly to the DayZ model. The problem with cloning a game and claiming it’s a genre is that you get judged on how closely you clone it – deviate too far, or miss something out, and you’ll get condemned for it.

So whither the MMORPG in the near future? We’ll probably see the same few Western MMORPGs dragging out their userbases, the same way that Ultima Online has. We’ll see a new F2P AAA fantasy MMORPG funded by an Eastern publisher every six months to a year, and many more smaller generic F2P MMORPGs from the same source on a regular basis. And we’ll continue to see the indie MMORPGs with tiny teams that launch on Early Access and update their content more slowly.

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Similar Graphics configuration with Fallout 4

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s Graphics configuration requirements is similar to Fallout 4, according to Esozone, which made its way out years ago it had some of the best graphics seen at that time as it was made using a new gaming engine. More ESO News on, you will find some friend who loves ESO as you.

However with the arrival of the PS4 and Xbox One the graphics of Skyrim are nothing that stand out anymore. This is something that worries fans waiting for the arrival of Fallout 4 as they think the same graphics engine will be used.

With the arrival of each of the Fallout games they have used some resources of the Elder Scrolls games. For instance Fallout 3 made use of the engine from Oblivion. This means that Fallout 4 could be made using the Skyrim game engine.

Fans don’t think that Bethesda will want to go to the trouble or waste money on making a new gaming engine.

So at the moment it is looking as though the Fallout 4 graphics are not going to stand out on the Xbox One and PS4.

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Rio Ferdinand wades in on the debate during an in-car game of FIFA 15 with Bobby Zamora

Cristano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi, on the age-old debate of who is better. Following Sunday’s El Clasico spectacle that hugely intensified the run-in for the La Liga title between Barcelona and Real Madrid, Rio Ferdinand. More FIFA 15 News on

Choosing to stay somewhat impartial to the discussion the former England international says we should stand back and appreciate the sheer brilliance we are witnessing in the presence of two of the world’s greatest ever players.

‘It’s inevitable we do all this “who’s better? Blah, blah, blah” but we should just be enjoying being around these two players and seeing it,’ the QPR defender said.

‘When Ronaldo, the Brazilian one – who should have been the best if he weren’t injured – was scoring 30 goals a season [everybody said]: “Oh he’s a genius, he’s the best ever.”‘

Messi and Ronaldo are this season’s top scorers in La Liga, with 32 and 31 goals respectively with 10 games to go.

Speaking from his car, kitted out with an X-Box and television screen, the former Manchester United star posted an image on Instagram of himself and Hoops team-mate Bobby Zamora.

The two were taking each other on in an in-car game of FIFA whilst travelling to training at the Imperial College Sports Ground, London.
The 2008 Champions League winner wrote: ‘En route to training.. Winning at FIFA #shock’ after beating the former Fulham striker 2-1 with Paris Saint Germain.

EA Sports new strategy: differ Price Ranges by platform

The Price Ranges in FUT Transfer Market attracted controversy after it’s releasing, which has different effects on fifa 15 coins seller and gamers. EA Sports hasn’t stop finding the solutions al the time, and have now made the price ranges for certain players different per platform, they think this would be helpful.

Previously, the price bands were exactly the same on console and PC. As of today, players on PC will have different minimum and maximum prices in some circumstances. There’s a not especially handy (because it puts PC right at the end so you have to scroll across from the player names) spreadsheet on this page which details the differences.

The 87 rated version of Juventus’ Carlos Tevez, for example, goes for a maximum of 2.1 million on PS4, but ‘just’ 1.5 million on PC. If you can find a buyer, that is.

EA say that market and price adjustments “will continue to occur as the market changes and different items are introduced.”

IncGamers has been running a poll since last Friday about the recent changes to FIFA 15‘s Ultimate Team economy. As things stand, 75% of responding players feel the price caps have “basically ruined FUT’s transfer market.” 6% think they’re fine.

Some FIFA 15 gamers thinks that Ultimate Team will be ruined by Price Ranges, but others thinks that it’s helpful when buying a player in Transfer Market, what’s your opinion

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Dean Coombes wins UK qualifier on FIFA Interactive World Cup

According to UTfifa15coins, Dean Coombes stands out from eight of the nation’s best players and get the qualification of FIFA Interactive World Cup, which is really a surprise to most of the people.

The gamer from Liverpool started the afternoon as an underdog, but would eventually rise to the top with some close victories on a tense afternoon at Stamford Bridge – the home of Chelsea football club.

Playing as Real Madrid, the 21-year-old won his opening quarter-final 2-0, beating Londoner Mustafa Ahmed in relatively comprehensive fashion. A straight knockout format meant it was win or go home, and it showed in the tense, defensive styles on show.

Coombes was playing five at the back after a late change of tactics whilst practicing the night before, and it proved difficult to break down not just for Ahmed but the other competitors that would meet the eventual winner.

After sending Ahmed packing, it was Nathan Riches next in the firing line in the semi-final, and despite a late scare Coombes came through 2-1. He would meet David Bytheway in the final.

Bytheway had qualified for the event the hard way, winning the GiveMeSport wildcard qualifier the week before, but after victories against two former Grand Finalists in his opening two matches confidence was rightly high.

However, last year’s overall silver medalist couldn’t break down Coombes, and a controversial penalty decision would be the decisive moment in an extremely tight 1-0 win.


Coombes reflected post-match: “If I’m honest, I didn’t think it was a penalty. I got all the luck and David didn’t get any in the final.

“I’m absolutely thrilled to win, of course. David is a fantastic player, as are the others that I’ve come up against today, and it will be great to test myself against the best in the world.”

Bytheway, who had a late free-kick appeal on the edge of the box turned down in injury-time, was left to rue what might have been after his efforts in Rio last year, but it will fall to Coombes to lead the UK challenge in Germany later this year.


In the aftermath of victory, Coombes was presented with his ‘ticket’ to the Grand Final by Chelsea full-back Cesar Azpilicueta, who would take on the champion in two friendly encounters on the PS4 console.

Unfortunately the full-back has not attempted to qualify for the main event. Playing as Bayern Munich, the Spaniard lost to the champion in their first encounter, but managed to turn the tables on Coombes with a stunning 3-0 win.

EA and Microsoft: fix FUT issues on Xbox together

EA servers was down yesterday, according to UTfifa15coins, which happened the day before reported by it’s gamers. this would affect some of EA’s games, such as FIFA 15 and Madden 15. But it’s obvious that EA Sports will fix these issues as soon as possible, just be patient.

We have already seen several reports come in that gamers are unable to get online to play the two games above, but also other titles such as, Battlefield, NBA, NHL 2015 and also The Sims.

There have been reports here and there that say the servers are back up, although shortly after people tell us that they are in fact still down.

EA working with Microsoft to fix FUT issues on Xbox 360 – in the last couple of hours, EA Sports confirmed they are working with Microsoft to fix the current connection issues on Xbox 360. While there could be other problems, this at the very least has been officially confirmed.

What’s your feeling about this? Are the EA game servers down for you, and if so what game is it that you have been trying to play online?

FIFA 15 ranks third in UK Charts

We can easily find that Dying Light has held onto the top spot in the charts for a second week, which is famous action video game. FIFA 15 is the third in the charts, this is my favorite game, which i spend a lot of money for FIFA 15 Coins all the time. Dragon Ball Xenoverse has slipped to fifth, it really surprises me!

People are still buying Minecraft somehow, with the two console editions sat in sixth and tenth. Zombie Army Trilogy debuts in eighth, sandwiched between The Order 1886 and Evolve.

Dying Light
Grand Theft Auto 5
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Dragon Ball Xenoverse
Minecraft: Xbox Edition
The Order: 1886
Zombie Army Trilogy
Minecraft PlayStation Edition